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Wholesale iPhone Screens with LCD Screen Recycling

We help cell phone repair businesses increase profits through LCD Screen Recycling and LCD Screen Swapping!
We also sell new LCD Screens at extremely competitive prices!

Please keep in mind, we recycle LCD's from Smartphones ONLY!

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Give your business a boost with useless broken LCD Screens!

Broken glass LCD screens have become a major concern across the world. Phone screens are one of the most vulnerable parts of phones, and they easily break. Once broken, a mobile phone user has no other option than having the screen replaced or buying a new phone.

You can make money from those broken glass LCD screens. They are useless, but we make them useful again by our LCD recycling process. Having been recycled, they are again ready to serve a mobile user.

So, now, do not throw any broken LCD. Keep them properly at a safe place in your repair shop, and once you have several pieces with you, just sell them to us. We buy broken glass LCD's for the best prices. Therefore, broken screens can become an additional source of income for you. We pay top dollar for iPhone screens.

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  • A reliable name in the market of LCD Screen recycling
  • Easy communication
  • Safe and convenient payment terms
  • Providing the best price for the you

We pay you in as little as 3 - 5 Business Days!

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