About Us

About LCD Screen Recycling

We have 20 years of experience in the cell phone industry. We got our start in retail cell phone stores, and realized the huge demand for cell phone repairs from our clients. After getting into repairs we’ve discovered that there’s a surplus of broken LCD Screens! With all the cell phone and tablet repair companies out there, we thought… there has to be a better way to reduce all this waste!

Since then, we’ve been providing recycling programs for the mobile phone industry and have rapidly expanded to meet the increasing demand. We save thousands of broken iPhone screens from being thrown into landfills and dumps. We accomplish this by purchasing your broken LCD screens and refurbishing them in house. We then sell those refurbished screens back to into the market, say NO to copy LCD's! Then those LCD screens will get used again… which is great for our planet, and for your pocketbook.

We stride to provide honest, accurate, and fast testing results. At this point in the cell phone repair industry we understand how important and valuable the broken LCD screens are to your business. We are a family owned and operated company that works hard everyday to give the best service possible to our customers.